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Steven C. Drielak is an internationally recognized expert in the area of environmental forensic attribution.  He received his Master’s degrees from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City.  He has over 30 years of law enforcement experience in senior management and senior leadership positions.  Steven was responsible for the establishment of the Suffolk County Environmental Crime Unit in New York and commanded that unit for 16 years.   Steven has served as a Director within the EPA’s Office of Criminal Enforcement, Forensics and Training in both the Homeland Security and Criminal Enforcement national programs.  As the Director of the EPA’s National Counter Terrorism Evidence Response Team he was responsible for deploying law enforcement force protection and forensic evidence collection teams to numerous local and national disasters throughout the United States including Hurricane Katrina,  BP Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay oil pipeline failures, the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster and the West Texas Fertilizer Company explosion.


Steven has served as a senior forensic attribution instructor and program developer for the Department of Homeland Security’s, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in Glynco, GA and has served for 17 years as a National Academy Instructor for the EPA’s criminal enforcement program.  He has also provided environmental forensic attribution training for the FBI’s Hazardous Materials Response Unit.  He has also provided international training to numerous countries within the European Union. He has authored and co-authored 6 text books in the areas of Environmental Crimes, Weapons of Mass Destruction and Forensic Attribution.  He served for 10 years as an appointed member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police Environmental Crimes Committee and was also appointed to the President’s Interagency Microbial Forensics Advisory Board.  Steven Drielak has provided expert testimony at both state and federal criminal trials involving releases of hazardous substances to the environment. 





Steven C. Drielak


Drielak & Associates Inc. 

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