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by Steven C. Drielak 


     On a foggy January night in 1909, two luxury ocean liners, the RMS Republic and the SS Florida, collided off the coast of Nantucket. The RMS Republic was the pride of the White Star Line’s fleet. She was known as the “Millionaire’s” ship and was reported to be carrying a fortune in gold coins destined for Russia. In the wake of the collision, the crew of the Republic fought long and hard to keep their ship afloat but to no avail. One man in particular, the Republic’s Purser Reginald Barker, worked desperately to save the treasures buried in the hold of the ship. As the catastrophe unfolded many other ships responded to the Republic’s distress call and assisted in saving many of the Republic’s passengers and crew.
     A great many questions have been raised concerning what happened on board the RMS Republic in the hours preceding her ultimate demise. Some believe that the fortune in gold was lost and to this day lies on the Atlantic’s bottom. Others believe that the Purser Reginald Barker carried away with him a heavy secret as the Republic foundered. That secret had been passed on over the years and came into possession of heiress Alice Parsons of Long Meadow Farms on Long Island. The famed heiress was soon afterwards kidnapped from her farm by those who wished to learn the secret involving the RMS Republic’s treasure.
     The kidnapping of Alice Parsons was just the beginning of the horrors that were to follow. The desire by evil men to obtain the Republic’s treasure had left a trail of dead bodies in the Hamptons that spanned decades. Cold case Homicide Detective Jake Tucker began investigating this trail of death and now finds himself a target of those evil men and their endless quest to obtain the lost treasure of the Republic.
     At the center of this epic story lies an old and fabled Inn by the name of Canoe Place located in the heart of the Hamptons. It has served for over 100 years as a cross road in this tale of greed and murder. Hampton Bays, once known as Good Ground, now holds the final secret to the treasure of the RMS Republic.

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