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Force Protection In A CBRN Zone

       (Part 1)

This unique 40 hour training opportunity provides special teams with training  in the basic skill sets necessary to conduct tactical and forensic law enforcement operations within CBRN contaminated zones.

Program Content: 

  • Force Protection mission Objectives 

  • Tactical Movement

  • Tactical Escort

  • science Team Escort

  • Citizen Rescue

  • Tactical Decontamination*

  • Human Threat Assesment

  • OSHA Safety Requirements*

  • Environmental Threat Assesment*

  • Security & Movement in PPE*

  • Firearms Management in PPE

  • Air Monitoring*

  • CBRN Forensic Sampling Protocols*

  • CBRN Sampling Equipment Requirements

*Meets OSHA 8 Hr. Annual Refresher Training Requirements
Information Regarding Part 2 of This Training Program is Available Upon Request
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