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The Alice Parsons Kidnapping

Case Photographs

1900 - 1961

TS Williams.JPG

Col. Timothy Williams.   Uncle, benefactor and legal guardian to Alice McDonell Parsons.

Alice McDonell mother.jpg
Howar Alice Frank Baby picture.JPG
Frank D McDonell photo.JPG
Aunt Bess and Alice.JPG

Alice Williams McDonell, mother of Alice McDonell Parsons.

Howard, Alice and Frank Jr. McDonell in an early childhood photo.  All three siblings remained close through the years.

Frank McDonell, father of Alice McDonell Parsons.

Alice’s aunt Bessie Williams took over the role of Alice’s mother

Alice Parsons sailing.jpg

Alice McDonell Parsons shortly before her kidnapping.

William Parsons Jr_edited-1.jpg

William H. Parsons Jr.  Husband of Alice Parsons.


$25,000 in ransom cash provided by William Parson's brother-in-law Richardson Pratt. 

Anna Kurpyanova book picture.jpg

Russian housekeeper Anna Kupryanova.

Roy Parsons 6-12-37 at farm (1).jpg

Anna Kupryanova's 10 year old son Roy. 

EJ Connelley book picture.jpg

FBI Inspector E.J. Connelley.  He reported directly to J. Edgar Hoover. 

aerial I2 x 9 300dpi.jpg

Aerial photograph of  the Parson's Long Meadow Farm in Stony Brook,  NY taken just after the kidnapping. 

Insp Connelly-ADA Henry-Chief Bridges bo

Ass’t. District Attorney Henry, Inspector Connelley and Chief Bridges reviewing the search map

Frank McDonell book picture-3V archiest

Alice’s brother, Frank McDonell Jr., became the family spokesperson during the initial investigation. 

Williams estate Shorelands Long Island_e

Col. Williams' Shorelands Estate and the infamous "Sammis" Property.  

Bloodhound and state police.jpg

New York State Police bloodhounds  Sappho and Big Red at the Parson's farmhouse for the 1937 search. 

1961 dig and screen .jpg

The search of Parson's farm continued in 1961 based on an anonymous letter. 

Train Station Daily News 6-25-44 300 dpi

Alice reportedly dropped her husband William off at this St. James train station.  He claimed he never saw her again. 

FBI Front Page Report.JPG
Front Page photos Daily_News_Fri__Jun_11

*Photographs above courtesy of Christina McDonell, niece of Alice McDonell Parsons, “Marilynitpa” of Websleuths,  The Three Village Historical Society and the Author’s personal photograph collection.

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